Bringing Seniors and Volunteers Together

Making Meaningful Connections has Never Been Easier

Restore Your Sense of Community

Many seniors living independently have difficulty staying connected with their communities. Care facilities, including retirement homes, care homes, and others, are meant to give residents a sense of community. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced opportunities for these residents, as well as those living on their own, to socialize and be happy.

Having a strong sense of social connection is linked to several health-related benefits. Equally, isolation has clear negative consequences for mental health, and its effects are particularly harmful for elderly persons who may be facing cognitive decline or require support to accomplish tasks.

That’s why CompanionLink works to ensure that everyone has someone to talk to, to build a friendship with, and to share in spirit of community.

Learn more about why loneliness must be tackled in elderly care facilities.


CompanionLink Aims to Keep Seniors Feeling Socially Connected

Isolation is a complicated problem – but the solution doesn’t have to be complicated. CompanionLink makes it easy to help seniors find connections.

CompanionLink is an online platform that connects volunteers to seniors, paving the way for social connections.

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Why CompanionLink?

There are plenty of great initiatives that encourage volunteers to assist elderly care facilities. However, these often have design issues that restrict user ease.

CompanionLink is an efficient way to foster great connections from anywhere.

Here are some of the benefits of CompanionLink:

  • It’s easy for both volunteers and seniors to use.
  • We work beyond local communities, engaging all of Canada.
  • We connect with schools and community groups directly to find enthusiastic volunteers.
  • We connect with elderly care facilities directly to find seniors who would benefit from CompanionLink.
  • Our system helps seniors find a volunteer that’s the perfect fit!

How You Can Get Involved

CompanionLink is an inclusive project that needs your help to thrive. Find out how you can help tackle the growing issue of isolation in elderly care facilities.

What’s Next for CompanionLink

With your help, we’re transforming elderly care facilities by making it easier for both seniors and volunteers to participate. As CompanionLink continues to grow, we hope to continue to help seniors make meaningful connections.

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