Making meaningful connections.

We are more than just a charity! At CompanionLink, we bring joy, community, and emotional wellness to our senior communities by offering virtual one-on-one friendships that alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness, foster intergenerational learning, and celebrate the value seniors bring to our world. Because everyone should have someone.

Staying connected.

As we grow older, it can become challenging to stay connected to our friends and communities, but strong social connections are proven to have significant mental and physical health benefits.

CompanionLink works to ensure that everyone has someone to talk to, to build a friendship with, and to share in the spirit of community.

Did you know?

Staying socially connected has been cited as the number one issue facing seniors in Canada. Loneliness and isolation is shown to increase the risk of:

Disease, mental health issues, and dementia

Increased incidences of elder abuse

Risk of premature mortality

Learn more about the importance of social connections on health

Collaborating with our community.

Collaborating closely with senior care facilities, community service organizations, and individual seniors across Canada, we have developed a Companion Call Program that matches senior clients with carefully vetted and trained volunteers who share the same interests, lifestyles, cultures, language, and more.